TRIX – multifunctionaltable

design – thanks to the Italian design, table Trix has modern and elegant look, which will speak to the customer in a natural way; the industrial version of this table is patented

variability – the table proved to be useful in the department stores and offices as well as trade shows, lottery offices and bars

communication – on the surface of the top board are 3 round message plates of 26cm; diameter under a clear plexiglas; it's very easy to replace the message plates for the customer (see detail in the photo)

modularity – by placing the tables side by side it's possible to create an infinite table, because the individual tables fit in together

resistence – the materials used in the manufacturing are very durable and guarantee long life

warranty – thanks to these materials, we offer 3 year warranty for normal use; in case of a need, we are able to replace individua parts very quickly, because all the parts are manufactured in the Czech Republic

stability – the construction and selection of the materials was determined to ensure sufficient stability of the table, which was proven after one year test use in the shopping malls and Office

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