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Influencing purchase decisions at Point of Purchase

Our mission is through the result of our work creating exceptional sales environments and places, mediating for shoppers a unique shopping experience associated with the branded goods. Since 1991, Dekor is trying to improve in order to benefit potential customers in our store, and companies that these stores sell their products. Thanks to the Czech-Italian origin, and as the only company from the Czech Republic, we offer solutions in the projects by leading Italian designers working in the field of in-store communication.

We do not separate the type of projects: POS displays, shop-in-shop, complete reconstruction of branded stores and visual marketing. With all these types of projects we have great experience. On the one hand we offer a comprehensive range of services with a team of experts composed of designers, marketers, engineers, production managers, service workers and business executives, that work together to complete projects from design to final installation. You can rely on us in all aspects and in all phases of the project. Our competence speaks for itself with reference projects from both the Czech and mainly European market. Our products can be found on all continents.

We offer interconnection of agency services and manufacturing companies. Therefore, in the case of cooperation with the company Dekor, you pay no extra hidden fees or margins. Furthermore, we guarantee our created concept of viability because everything is created in one company.





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DEKOR, spol. s r.o. Hradišťská 849 687 08 Buchlovice Czech Republic   Tel.: +420-572 430 555 Fax: +420-572 430 550 E-mail: dekor@dekor.cz
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