We strive to do our part to contribute to a policy of sustainability. Specific steps include:


  • Lauching new solar power station on warehouses and production halls covering the total consumption of the company up to 50%. With this investment we have reduced our energy footprint and at the same time our own electricity production allows us to reduce the negative impact of rising electricity prices on the market.

  • In the technical engineering phase of the projects, we try as much as possible to design into the projects materials that are recyclable or environmentally friendly. One particular case is the production of advertising pencils made of linden, poplar or similar materials. We produce and deliver approximately 1,000,000 pieces to the market annually. This is a purely natural material that is available in the forest and is required for a healthy forest. Therefore, the collection of such material cleans the forest and is positively evaluated by forest managers.

  • We use natural and recyclable materials such as plywood in the production of the stands.


  • We are involved in the EKOKOM packaging waste take-back and recovery system.

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