As every year Dekor represenatives took part at GIC association conference which this year was held in London in May. GIC unites 20 companies specialized in marketing communication at point of sale from all over the world.


During 3 days almost 250 POS projects were introduced from all continents. Presented projects showed new trends, technologies and materials on the market. The most interesting technologies are holography, insta printing technologies at point of sale, projection in shelves, virtual and augmented reality, interactive mirror or shelves allowing shoppers to choose products independently on the shop assistant in an amusing way.


Very thorough discussion took place about POP UP shopping trends as well as current advantages and disadvantages of European POS production in Asia.


GIC was joined by new members from India, Pakistan, Brazil and USA which will be no doubt enriching the group of further professional know-how commonly shared among members of the association.


Company Dekor uses this synergie effect in it´s own projects and presents this new know-how to their clients as the  only company from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Next GIC conference will take place in the capital of Colombia, Bogota in May 2018.


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