In June, we attended an international conference in Belgium where were presented new ideas for in-store communication. Dekor s.r.o. as the only representative from the Czech Republic participated in this event together with 20 other companies from around the world. This year, companies from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Thailand, China, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Russia, Lebanon and the Czech Republic were represented. Presentations and start-up companies from the field and workshops directly with clients from the brands were also held. Around 200 projects from around the world were presented. Among the criteria for selecting projects are, for example, original concepts, top design, technical, material or manufacturing innovations or other interesting parameters.
The purpose of the international GIC meeting is to present new projects from individual members' workshops, exchange creative and technical solutions and further use them by other members in other markets.
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